Bon, la semaine consacrée aux bibliothèques sur HigheredBlogCon est terminée, et ça tombe bien, c’est les vacances de Pâques en France : une bonne occasion pour rattraper les épisodes que vous auriez manqué ;-)) Pour vous faciliter les choses, je vous liste les interventions, ya plus qu’à cliquer :

Blogging in Libraries

Blogging 101 / Susan Herzog

Subject Librarian 2.0? – ‘The Song Remains the Same,’ It’s Just a Cover Song Using New Instruments / Kristin Johnson

Blog Applications At a Small Academic Library / Natalie Forshaw, Karen Jensen, Ilana Kingsley

Podcasting in Libraries

Podcasting 101: the Basics for Librarians / John Iliff

Learning to Speak: Creating a Library Podcast With a Unique Voice / Chris Kretz

Leveraging Web 2.0 Technologies

Blogs, Wikis, and IM: Communication Tools for Subject Specialists / Chad Boeninger

An Online Research Toolkit – Exploring Web 2.0 for Library Research / Rebecca Hedreen

Using RSS to Increase User Awareness of E-resources in Academic Libraries / Jay Bhatt

Issues in Libraries

Open Access for Teachers / Dorothea Salo

Upon the Shoulders of Giants – Building Library 2.0 Together, From the Platform Up / Paul Miller

Web 2.0 and the Small College Library: How to take over the World / David Eubanks

Making Information Work Harder

Building a “Wall of Books” From a Library Online Catalog / Edward Vielmetti

Go Where the Patrons Are: Outreach In the Age of Library 2.0 / Jason Griffey

Google Maps and You: Five Steps To Including a Google Map On Your Website / Chris Deweese

Patrons in the Drivers Seat: Giving Advanced Tool-sets to Library Patrons / John Blyberg

Et si votre anglais est quelque peu défaillant, passez donc faire quelques révisions au préalable sur les podcasts d’English as a second language

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